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Lucius Abraxas Malfoy
Lucius is a powerful and ambitious man, using his family wealth and his influence to shape the decisions of the Ministry of Magic and other important institutions within the magical world.

The Malfoys have always enjoyed their place in wizarding society elite, and Lucius has been a prominent member since finishing his schooling. He was married to Narcissa née Black, cementing ties to another old family, and the match produced an heir, Draco.

Draco gave Lucius a wonderful opportunity to influence the board of governors at Hogwarts directly, the very last jewel in crown and a very useful tool when it comes to his other... activities.

As impossible as it may be to believe, Lucius grew up in the shadow of a controlling, over-bearing father. Abraxas was a pompous man whom Lucius equally respected and feared. Abraxas may have arranged his wife's convenient death.

When Abraxas himself died, Lucius emerged from his shell. He was as manipulative, cold and as calculating as his father before him, but he inherited his mothers ice-cold looks and made them his trade-mark. Based on the old boy network of friends and acquiescences, of distant relatives his father had forged, Lucius went about building his own empire.

Money and good looks can get a man a long way. Influence at Gringotts, friends within the Ministry and significant power within more... exclusive groups of forward thinking individuals, Lucius secured a marriage to one of the Black sisters. It was not a love match, although he did appreciate his wife. However, they only ever had the one child.

Lucius was not unlike his own father when it came to the boy. He loved him, but Lucius was aloof and detached in Draco's early years, spending that time so soon after the fall of HWMNBN proving his own innocence and avoiding jail. The fact so many of his old friends and associates were locked away gave Lucius the freedom to carve himself out a larger empire.
RP Dos and Don'ts


Slash, Gen, Het
Het is likely to be fade-to-black
Gay smut is fine
Dub-con after discussion, please contact me
Talk to me about kinks.
Up for PSL, memes and sandboxes.


Bodily function stuff is not my jam
Sub adult Lucius

credit to splott at rp_tutorials
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